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Technical FAQ
How can I see the video through mobile phone?
  Please check if your mobile phone support 3GPP or Streaming player.

(1) After set up all network configuration, please type below link in your streaming player of mobile phone:

rstp://[Camera's IP]:[rstp port]/[path]

(2) If your broswer of mobiel phone supports JAVA, you can type below link: 

http://[Camera's IP]:[http port]/Jview.html

(3) If your mobile phone are smart phone:

For MPEG4 series camera, if the firmware is V3.2.70
iphone: http://[camera_ip]:port
Android: http://[camera_IP]:port/Jview.html

For H.264 series camera, if the firmware is V1.0.18 or above
iphone: http://[camera_ip]:port
Android: http://[camera_ip]:port

Note:SVR440/640 are not supported by mobile viewing.
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