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Looking forward to a lifestyle filled with peace of mind and secured by High Intelligent technology? Asoni now
launches the Smart Surveillance combining IP P2P Cameras with Z-wave Devices, bringing a smarter and safer
life to you.


Asoni Smart Surveillance adopts Z-Wave technology that allows you to activate all electronic devices inside
your property. Moreover, it allows you to control remotely and to monitor live images from Asoni P2P IP
camera installed on sites via mobile device.Through easy settings and connection in Asoni’s free Mobile APP,
you can enjoy life more comfortably and safely in just one touch.
  In case there is a break in, alarm will automatically
turn on at the same time sends a push message
directly to your mobile device
View recordings from IP camera to monitor even
if you are miles away
  Sound from smoke detector will be detected
by sensor to create a louder fire alert and
simultaneously send you or your neighbor’s
phone an alert
Activate and deactivate power through motion
detection to lessen power consumption
  Through various sensors, you can monitor and
guarantee members of your household status
Set up various scenarios e.g. holiday mode, Sleep,
allowing everything inside your property to change
settings depending on your mode accordingly