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Technical FAQ
How to calculate storage capacity and network bandwidth?
Storage Calculator
Camera Quantity Piece
Recording Hours of Day Hours
Total Recording Days Days
Frame Rate
Video Bitrate (Must set to CBR)
Total Network Bandwidth Mbps
Total Recording Data Size GBytes
Required HDD (Total Recording Data / 0.9)** TBytes
**The actual capacity of HDD is around 90% of the labeled capacity**
Storage Calculator
Recommand bitrate value for Asoni IP Cameras
Camera Series Resolution Video Bitrate (CBR)
VGA Camera 640x480@30FPS 1 Mbps
  640x480@15FPS 512 Kbps
D1 Camera 720x480@30FPS 1.5 Mbps
  720x480@15FPS 768 Kbps
720P HD Camera 1280x720@30FPS 2 Mbps
  1280x720@15FPS 1 Mbps
1.3 Mega-Pixel Camera 1280x1024@10FPS 1.5 Mbps
2 Mega-Pixel Camera 1600x1200@15FPS 2 Mbps
1080P Full-HD Camera 1920x1080@30FPS 4 Mbps
  1920x1080@15FPS 2 Mbps
3 Mega-Pixel Camera 2048x1536@20FPS 4 Mbps
5 Mega-Pixel Camera 2592x1944@15FPS 6 Mbps
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How to embed Camera's or SVR's video in the webpage?
I've always encountered the "ActiveX web-plugin" issue while viewing image / video via browsers.