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Asoni’s Briefing


Asoni stands for ‘ASolutions Over Network Intelligence’ that is the target we aim for sure.

Asoni Communications has being entirely dedicated in Network Surveillance since founded in 2006. Asoni continually develops the innovative Network video solutions to meet the various market demands and bring the multiple benefits to customers always.

Both headquarter and production facilities are located in Taiwan. Asoni has also built up the strategic partners among Asia, Middle East and Europe. Asoni commits to provide the professional product quality and efficient backup services to all customers throughout the world.

Up to date, Asoni is proud to be one of the market brands with the comprehensive product line of the latest technology and smart features in the network video surveillance industry. 

Asoni Missions

To fulfill the variety demands in the global market, Asoni moves forward with the following:

  • Advanced: In Asoni we always promote innovations, new ideas, and progress that lead our partners ahead of the market competition.
  • Specialist: Asoni concentrates with the development of network surveillance applications since established. Therefore IP surveillance is our specialty and we generously let our partners benefit from our knowledge.
  • Outstanding: Asoni products are committed to reliability and good performance. We don’t compromise on this high value.
  • Nonstop: Results are determinant and effort does lead to success, this is why Asoni constantly keeps a close relationship with our partners as well as continuously improves our products and services.
  • Innovation: Technology and market feedbacks lead our actions. Asoni deals everyday with worldwide customers and inspires the creative thoughts for innovation. Knowing that up to date products will ensure our competitiveness and advantages, Asoni R&D strives to generate the right solutions for the right needs


Contact us

For more information, please contact us at following email addresses: 

General Information: marketing@a-soni.com 

Technical Support: fae@a-soni.com 

Europe: europe@a-soni.com 

America: usa@a-soni.com 

Taiwan: marketing@a-soni.com 

Singapore: michael@a-soni.com 

India:  india@a-soni.com

Saudi Arabia: ksa@a-soni.com