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Asoni 360 is a complete solution provides seamless video with PTZ function. The package includes a fish-eye lens dome IP camera, NVR, and professional panoramic software- APV7000-Pano. APV7000-Pano offers smooth 360° view, just like people standing on the top of building and looking all round. With the powerful software, Users can zoom in and PTZ to their desired place by moving their mouse.

NVR7000 is like a strong memory system, record every detail in round view, and playback all these details when needed. Users will get more detail than other panoramic solutions since they can search the entire view to find the critical moment after the event.

Compare to other brands panoramic solutions that work with PTZ speed domes and general video management software, Asoni 360 effectively prevents mechanical problems and blind spot while operating PTZ functions.

Not to mention that one fish-eye camera is as efficient as 4 traditional IP cameras. When users mounted one fish-eye camera on the middle of the ceiling, users can monitor the entire room by surround view.


One camera can ofer 360 view, which equals to 4 normal cameras performance.

Fewer cameras means

l  Lower camera cost

l  Lower bandwidth cost

l  Lower installation cost

l  Lower storage capacity (fewer HDD) and storage cost

l  Lower software license cost because Fewer Professional software required.