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    Asoni offers LPR license plate recognition system that detects and resolves license plate numbers and transmits the identification results to the terminal management software, and supports alarm notification and playback of video data.


 Application in parking lot management:

     A LPR system is installed at the entrance of the parking lot. When the car owner enters the parking lot, the LPR system automatically captures and recognizes the license plate information, without taking the card, and without any staff, the vehicle can directly approach the parking entrance. The vehicle is allowed to enter through the permission list, and the parking lot vehicles are automatically managed to enter and exit.


 Applied on the highway:

     In the high-speed public use license plate identification technology, it can greatly facilitate the traffic police to know the license plate information of illegal vehicles, and effectively manage some illegal vehicles. For example: run the red light, speeding capture.


 Advantages of using the LPR system:

  • Parking lot management fees are completely unmanned, computerized records, statistics
  • Significantly reduce the cost of personnel management
  • High efficiency and reduced maintenance costs


 Other Applications:

     Important intersection system, traffic safety management.

Compare the identified license plate with the database to determine whether it is a suspicious vehicle, and meet the business needs of public security, criminal investigation, traffic management, etc.