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Powerful NVR360

Asoni NVR360 is a dedicated high megapixel recording and management system. With Asoni APV7000-Pano software integrated,
it provides a reliable and efficient platform for all kinds of  surveillance system.
Asoni NVR provides users intuitive and powerful monitoring tools,using a customizable interface to adapt to customer’s needs.

  • Provides 1CH / 4CH / 9CH / 16CH
  • Manage up to 16 IP Cameras and video servers
  • Support multiple language:  English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Korean
  • Ceiling mount 360° all surround view without blind spots
  • Digital PTZ function with zoom in and focus on target. Surround view recording, no image is missing
  • Quad view to show images from multiple different areas in one window. 
  • Automatically search IP camera by VMS, easy installation and operation
  • Panoramic split views with combination of panoramic / rectilinear / cylindrical views
  • Automatic disaster recovery of video data
  • Instant playback up to 512x times with video search function
  • Multi-core support suitable for performance demanding tasks
  • Full remote control through Internet Explorer
  • Multi-layer central management architecture
  • Online configuration set-up system
  • Graphical activity video display in real-time


5 Mega-Pixel Panoramic Solution

Asoni offers 5 Mega-Pixel resolution fish-eye lens cameras for panoramic solutions, which is one of the high resolution panoramic
solutions in the market. To meet all your project needs, we provide 2 Mega-Pixel fish-eye lens IP cameras for indoor, outdoor, and
economical solutions.

Asoni 5 Mega-Pixel Panoramic Solution Video