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      2013-11-08 Korcular harbor chose Asoni 1080P IP cameras and NVR609LX to build up their surveillance system in Hungary.
      2013-10-24 Sibenik hospital adopted Asoni panoramic solutions for entire security system in Hungry.
      2013-10-04 More than 70 Asoni 1080P IP cameras secured Megawide Construction Corp in Philippines.
      2013-09-13 Asoni empowered Development Bank of the Philippines surveillance system by 2 Mega-Pixel dome IP cameras
      2013-08-30 Asoni 2 mega-Pixel IP cameras were installed at Mongolian Public bus station of Ulaanbaatar City.
      2013-07-29 Carrefour in Taiwan chose Asoni panoramic solutions to secure their property.
      2013-07-26 More than 200 IP cameras with panoramic solutions was set up in Philippine Fisher Mall.
      2013-07-04 Symbiosys University in India installed Asoni 2M IP cameras and PTZ domes to record their lectures.
      2013-06-25 Convenient stores "7-11" in Japan selected Asoni 2M IP Cameras to monitor their business.
      2013-06-21 Globe telecommunications company in Philippine chose Asoni 1080P Dome IP Cameras to protect their property.
      2013-05-17 Qatar embassy in Croatia improved their security system with Asoni NVR7000, 2M IP cameras and 1.3MP IP cameras.
      2013-05-03 More than 150 Asoni IP Cameras were installed to secure Ecotex Ltd. in Bangladesh.
      2012-12-20 Asoni 2MP IR-12M Vandal Domes and 2MP IR-80M outdoor IP cameras were installed in the Ministry of the Interior of Republic of Croatia.
      2012-10-04 Asoni released professional joystick for APV7000 recording software users.
      2012-09-28 Genius Security company in Croatia built their security system with Asoni CAM624.
      2012-08-14 Hualien City Police stations in Taiwan enhanced their surveillance system by Asoni products.
      2012-07-20 Bangladesh Navy implemented Asoni CAM633 to improve their security system.
      2012-07-13 Thousands of Asoni CAM619MIR-PoE was installed in S/M Shopping Mall in Philippines.
      2012-06-05 Westin Hotel in Malta enhance their security with Asoni CAM419IR-POE, CAM428M-POE, and NVR7000.
      2012-02-20 A hundred of Asoni IP cameras were selected to secured lots of offices in Finland(CAM419IR-PoE)
      2012-02-13 Xinfeng Station in Taiwan chose Asoni IP cameras as surveillance system(CAM628-POE).
      2012-02-06 Mild Seven Philippines' office selects Asoni cameras to provide better surveillance system (CAM624, CAM646MIR-PoE)
      2012-01-30 Asoni provided security IP system to Italy police stations.
      2012-01-23 Asoni IP cameras and NVR helps to secure the safety of Taiwan Bank (CAM616M, NVR 609).
      2012-01-16 Asoni 360 degree cameras secures the development bank of Philippines.