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Ultra NVR ANR708SG 8CH Speed Your Mega View 2014-12-17


Asoni ANR704SG generates the Linux-OS advantages of stability and safety, together with the extendable and replaceable benefits as PC basis. Moreover, it offers extremely high performance to make 5 megapixel IP cameras showing smooth video with vivid images details. Even in 4K2K monitor and TV wall, the amazing quality makes you feel like in the scene and won’t miss any tiny detail.  
  Based on the unique math methodology core, with Intel® CPU platform, Asoni ANR708SG enables the live image smoothly
even in the high resolution and multi- streaming inputs which is ideal to be applied in casino,cash desk,Custom, Land security, face or car plate recognition related surveillance environments where require the image detail and quality critically.In addition to tradition monitors, the 4K2K monitors or TV wall can display its fabulous performance in every tiny detail with no hiding or blur but easy affordable price.
The high CP value makes ANR708SG more outstanding than others.

  ANR708SG has the optimized Linux OS sealed in an independent flash DOM module preventing virus invasion and hackers attack.
Under any circumstance, even if though the HDD fails, system can still boot up for operation. ANR708SG, safe as a vault, makes your real time surveillance system non-stop working.

Besides the internal HDD storage, DVD burning and USB
backup other NVRs have provided, ANR708SG can also
connect to external storage devices, via eSATA and Samba, as well as NAS (Network Attached Storage). It’s easy to store video or record event into your Private Cloud.
Users not only can enlarge its storage capacity but also
can remote access to the storage from other devices.
Its diversity of storage is more than you can imagine.


Including normal splits by 1/4/9/16/36 channels, ANR708SG also can display one major with seven-smaller screens around which easily monitor all movements in the main screen without
losing the control in other spots. With embedded Opera browser,
you can modify IP camera settings on ANR708SG directly.
The implementation of ‘Time Capsule provides the video
thumbnail by minute/hour search and fast rewind to the
timeframes of event triggers. User-friendly, seamless zoom in/out, live view with play back concurrently…
There are more amazing advantages to be explored by you.