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Asoni New Generation of IP HD FHD Camera with smart features. 2014-06-19
Asoni launches the New Generation IP Dome and Bullet Series

Asoni is pleased to announce the newest generation dome and bullet IP cameras with superb plus features. With this, you can now have a smarter and more efficient experience with IP video surveillance.


In many cases, the area to be monitored would be more likely a vertical direction rather than horizontal one.
With our Corridor-Format feature, user gets the video stream with a vertical direction, localizing surveillance of specific area thus avoiding bandwidth redundancy at the same time save storage to important events.
Corridor format is very suitable for modern IP Camera came with aspect ratio of 16:9. This feature is useful
when doing surveillance in foyers and alleys.

Fog normally occurs when humidity rises near 100%. Fog makes it harder to have a good surveillance as it covers
or blurs the image.
With the De-fog feature, it allows the image to be clearer by dimming the image. This feature provides excellent surveillance especially when doing surveillance outdoor. Once the feature turned on, image would become dim a
little to reduce astigmatism.
Most wide-angle lens and large-zoom camera lens would have obvious lens distortion.
This is due to the optical design techniques for lens. This distortion often makes photos deformed. With this lens distortion-correction feature, it corrects the curve degree in the image, providing a better and more accurate image
to user.