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Asoni Best deals 50%Off for NVR now! 2014-03-13

Design for small to middle scale applications, Asoni launches new Advanced economical 4CH/9CH/16CH standalone NVR, NVR604LX / NVR609LX / NVR616LX. The NVR/604LX / NVR609LX / NVR616LX can manage up to 4 / 9/ 16 IP Cameras and support up to 1920x1080 resolutions!! Supporting HDMI Out to HDTV monitor allows user watch video in higher resolution that User won’t loss any detail. Equipped with mouse and IR remote control Makes controlling process more easily.

Embedded power resume function enables NVR boots up automatically When power on after electricity shut off. Supporting multiple user level Access control, NVR604LX / NVR609LX / NVR616LX makes surveillance system more Effective. The NVR can be monitoring and controlling via local monitor or IE, And features various types of event alerts, and can be monitoring via 3G mobile phone.

NVR604 / NVR609LX / NVR616LX is a perfect choice for managing local and distant video Surveillance that helps users manages security systems more easily and efficiently.