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Asoni 60FPS IP Camera Aims to Address More Details of Fast Moving Objects 2014-02-25



Asoni launches two innovational IP cameras record 60 frames per second @1920x1080P. Both models equipped with Sony Exmor sensor to bring high quality video, and DNR function effectively reduces the noise and blur from the image. Asoni CAM6922FIR and CAM6923FIR are ideal models for license plate or fast moving objects, such as parking lots, airports, and casinos.

True WDR
To avoid dark zones that are caused by extreme-light condition,
true WDR function will improve the cameraperformance and bring
clear video.
Compare to 30FPS, 60FPS provides more details in the same time.
It’s great for monitoring moving object like license plates or
human faces.
Smart Face Detection
Furthermore, intelligent face detection can put a square on each
human face when they appear to the scene.
This feature can tremendously reduce the false alarms
and the unnecessary actions.
Outdoor Image Stabilization
Asoni CAM6922FIR and CAM6923FIR offer digital image stabilization to reduce the blur moment caused by shaky movement.

Successful case reference
Korcula harbor in Croatia installed Asoni FHD IP Solution
Country: Croatia
Video management software: NVR6009LX
Product: Asoni Full HD IP Bullet camera CAM6681FIR-POE

Korcula is an island in Croatia. It is the most popular Croatian island not connected to the mainland by a bridge.
Korcular harbor is near the Adriatic Sea, with the effect of Mediterranean climate, it has mild winters and very warm summers

Asoni Full HD Bullet IP Camera CAM6681 provides premium image quality and 30 frames per second in 1080P resolution