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01 Registering patch file for ActiveX /web-plugin issue of NVR609/616-LX After have had some test and inspections with development, the ActiveX web-plugin issue of NVR609/616-LX is known for the reason below:

Unfortunately,due to the hardware-limitation the firmware-upgrade step is actually nothing to help improve compatibility of browsers.
So User can only run the web-access console up to IE8 for NVR609/616-LX.

<< some update for work-around method >>
Regarding the known issue or trouble of NVR609/616LX as remote site IE viewing,we currently have some work-around method.

Steps of issue fixing:
1. Make sure NVR6 has been upgraded to lastest FW already.
2. Run the registering patch onto the PC which would access the NVR609/616LX as remote.

ActiveX_ registering patch file for NVR609/616LX:

1.extract "WebReg.zip" file
2.run "Reg.bat" as administrator by right-click
PS: the extracted folder "WebReg" can't be moved after run the "Reg.bat"
Typically,these file&folder are supposed to be put in the location as following path:
( eg; C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files)

Deeply appreciated your understanding & kindness!!