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General FAQ
What are Asoni strong points?
 1. Focus on IP Surveillance solutions

2. Most comprehensive product range at same platform for various applications

3. Strong support for customers who are new to IP applications

4. Unique solution

5. Up to 5-Year product warranty

6. Excellent performance with good pricing strategy

7. More powerful and richer product features

8. Products with all important features for market trend

9. Quick and continuous new product launch to lead market trend

10. FREE Video Management Software with Powerful, reliable, and user-friendly features

11. Long-term partnership channel policy to protect partners’ interests

12. We know better the IP security and customers' requirements

13. Customer oriented mindset

14. Flexible cooperating model to match customers’ unique demands

15. Professional consulting service

16. Quick technical and after-service supports

17. User-friendly for Usage, GUI, etc.

18. Quick and continuous product enhancement

19. Complete documentation support

What is the S/W integration status?
What is your warranty policy?